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    RadioCompany.Net, has been running internet radio stations since 2002. We offer a custom solution to our customers requierments. You can read about our services and gain ideas for uses for internet based broadcasting.

    There are example of stations and production elements we can supply.

    We would be happy to answer any questions via our contact page or direct email.

    We do not provide off the shelf solutions but taylor our products to your needs and budget. So ask us about your requierments, and we will give you a range of options for your project.

    RadioCompany.net can provide a full range of radio and streaming services, from simple background music for your premises, to full radio stations with a complicated programme structure involving a mix of music and presenters, bought in material, news and more. We can provide simple automation to supply background music that changes in style and tempo during the day. We can provide live demos of this service on request. We can source the music needed for the service along with any production you need for branding purposes. We can also simply hire the facilitates to you to control the service yourself, via our AppleSources service.

    We can also provide a more function rich automation that will allow for 99% walk away time and minimal down time. This level of automation will allow for On The Hour events and other functions such as basic music rotation. The only intervention needed is for monthly security updates or music/material additions. The service can be enhanced to include news, weather and time announcements. Introductions to records and presenter shifts, giving the feel of a live station, while being automated. Music and programme scheduling would be more complicated and able to cope with artist separation and seasonal variations more easily accommodated.

    We can also provide (at a cost) a fully live station to suit the needs of any client, with live presenters and listener response. In addition we can provide promotions, station imaging, commercials and more to create your station. We can also provide websites, players, listener support, streaming management, monitoring and technical support to suit client needs and budgets.
What are we doing

Example Stations

Here are some of the stations we manage, broadcasting 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can clock on the logos and listen to the station's live feed. Contact us to find out more,

We Can Provide Mobile Apps

Mobile Applications

Responsive Design

Attractive and easy to use for your listeners

Amazing Theme Options

Colour and layout options to suit you

Customized For You

With your logo and station information. Maybe you have more than one stream, we can cope.

Google Play Ready

Easy install and update for users

Text options too

Include a history of your station of programme details

Support too

We can handle user questions as well if you wish.

Let us repeat

No Packages

We provide an individual solution to your needs and budget. We can offer suggestions for you to mix and match as you need.

Starter Options

If you are a small business you can start and then build or adapt as you grow. From as little as

9.99 / month

  • Auto-DJ simple automation
  • Streaming in Shoutcast or Icecast
  • Jingle or liner production
  • Website Player
  • Website design or hosting
  • Listener Stats
  • Support and care
Get Started

Getting Bigger?

As you service grows you can add more and refine what you are broadcasting

100 / month

  • More complex automation with Station Playlist
  • World News
  • Temprature Announcements
  • Imported programmes
  • Voice Tracking
  • Live programmes
  • Advanced music schedualing
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West is not just about graphic design; it's more than that. We offer integral communication services, and we're responsible for our process and results. We thank each client and their projects.

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