We do not gather or keep any personal information on listeners, or any information that will definitively identify listeners.  

You should be aware that the servers you connect to, in order to listen to the streams, will log your session and record the IP Address you call from, the application you are using to listen, and the duration of the call. By implication the operating system of the device used to listen may be deduced. However we cannot identify you as a person.

The applications we distribute do not report any information about you, or your activities, to us in any way.

Our websites do not use cookies.

If the application contains click on adverts, Google may collect information on you, but this is not known to us and not reported to us or available to us. You may wish to review Googleˇ¦s terms and conditions for their privacy policy, concerning these adverts.

The only way we can know who you are is if you write to us.

If you contact us via email or the contact form on our web sites, we will know your email address and any public information that may be retrieved via search engines.

Should you contact us, we will not pass on your email address to anyone outside our group. We will not ˇ§Junk mailˇ¨ you or send promotional material, except in response to a request from you. We may also email you with seasonal greetings at the end of the year in which you contact us.

In Summary: We do not know who you are and will not divulge any information we do have to anyone else.